Walnut’s in Bluffton SC

Hi everyone!  As many of you probably know I am vacationing in South Carolina this week.  It is so nice to escape the snow storms in New York!  We are having a great time, and yesterday it was in the 70’s, so I got to lay on the beach!  Yay!!  Today is a little bit colder, so I went out to brunch with my family in the morning to a very cute little place called Walnut’s Cafe.  This place was AMAZING, and I just had to share some pictures of our meals with you all.  I also thought I might share a picture of the sunny beach!

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict on a biscuit with potatoes!
Crab Cake Eggs Benedict on a biscuit with potatoes!

This was my meal… so rich and amazing… I think I totally blew my diet…but sometimes you have to live a little right!??? Two southern biscuits, topped with homemade crab cakes, poached eggs, and tomato tarragon hollandaise sauce.

Spinach, cheese, and crab omlette with a southern biscuit and potatoes!

This was my sister Katie’s meal.  She had a crab omelet with spinach, cheese, and hollandaise sauce.  The southern biscuit’s here are amazing!! I think I might have to try a recipe for these when I go home!!!

Southern grits, with eggs benedict, using southern biscuits instead of english muffins

This was my sister Laura’s meal.  Basic eggs benedict with ham, and also on a southern biscuit.  She was really smart and ordered grits.  I got to try some and they are sooo creamy and delicious!  Another recipe I will have to try at home!

Here is a picture of my dad and I in front of the restaurant… and there are even palm trees in the front!  Me with my Dad in front of the cafe.

Palm Trees in front of the cafe!

This place is tucked back in a shopping plaza, so you probably would not find it if you didn’t know about it.  We found this place by a recommendation of some friends that live in the area.  If you are ever in the Savannah/Hilton Head area… this place is a must go to!

Here is a picture of the beach yesterday!! I hope everyone up north is keeping warm!!!

The beach!