Yogurt and Cereal

Yogurt and cereal for breakfast!Yogurt and Cereal — A Healthy Breakfast!

Today I just wanted share with you the breakfast that I have almost every day.  I am always in a rush in the morning, so it is important for me to have a fast breakfast, although I also want it to be healthy and nutritious as well.  Obviously I want to enjoy it too!  This breakfast is nutritious, so easy, and delicious all in one!  All it is, is yogurt, chia seeds, millet rice cereal, and banana.  I actually never get tired of this!  Here are some of the nutritional/health benefits of the ingredients for this breakfast:

Stonyfield Plain Whole Milk Yogurt or  make your own!(1/2 Cup) :

  • contains live active healthy bacteria
  • promotes digestive health
  • can lower the chances of developing high blood pressure (From Natural News)
  • is a good source of calcium and vitamin D (from Self)
  • contains protein to help keep you full
  • Stonyfield yogurt is organic  (another good organic brand is Brown Cow if you have trouble finding Stonyfield)

cerealBananas (1, sliced):

  • are a good source of Vitamin C, Potassium, Manganese, and Vitamin B6 (from Self)
  • are a good source of fiber (from Self)
  • Make your breakfast taste sweet without adding sugar

** You really could substitute any fruit you would like for the banana.  Others I enjoy are all kinds of berries, mangoes, and grapes.

Chia Seeds (2 tsp):  (information below from She Knows)

  • are a good source of healthy Omega 3s
  • contain protein, fiber, calcium and magnesium
  • contain antioxidants
  • can increase energy and mental focus
  • make you feel full longer and can help you to maintain a healthy weight

**Please note that Chia seeds may give some people an upset stomach.  This can be remedied by soaking them in water for 10 minutes before using them.  This will cause them to expand and become gummy like.  I do not need to do this, but I know some people who do.

Nature’s Path Millet Rice Cereal (3/4 cup):

  • contains healthy whole grains
  • is organic and non-genetically modified verified
  • is sweetened with fruit juice only and has only 4g of sugar

**I love the Nature’s Path brand, and they have other cereals that work well for this breakfast.  I also like Mesa Sunrise.

Additionally, this breakfast is only 6 WWPP.  Enjoy!

Here are some links to purchase some of the products I talk about in this post if you are interested:

A healthy breakfast!



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